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Via our access numbers you can call abroad with the lowest rates available.

Look for the country you wish to call in the list below and find the appropriate access number and applicable rate. If you want to be informed about rate changes, please select and click on the proffered country to subscribe. We will send you an email as soon as the rate changes..

destination type dial code rate
Namibia landline 0900-0817 6 cpm
Namibia mobile 0900-0825 15 cpm
Nepal landline 0900-0823 10 cpm
Nepal mobile 0900-0825 15 cpm
Netherlands landline 0900-0812 2 cpm
Netherlands mobile 0900-0814 4 cpm
Netherlands antilles landline 0900-0823 10 cpm
Netherlands antilles mobile 0900-0825 15 cpm
New caledonia landline 0900-0825 15 cpm
New caledonia mobile 0900-0825 15 cpm
New zealand landline 0900-0813 3 cpm
New zealand mobile 0900-0817 6 cpm
Nicaragua landline 0900-0825 15 cpm
Nicaragua mobile 0900-0828 25 cpm
Niger landline 0900-0829 30 cpm
Niger mobile 0900-0829 30 cpm
Nigeria landline 0900-0821 8 cpm
Nigeria mobile 0900-0821 8 cpm
Niue landline 0900-2800812 50 cpm
Niue mobile 0900-2800812 50 cpm
Norfolk islands landline 0900-2800812 50 cpm
North korea landline 0900-2800812 50 cpm
North korea mobile 0900-2800812 50 cpm
Norway landline 0900-0812 2 cpm
Norway mobile 0900-0816 5 cpm

All our tariffs are per minute, with one second increment, announced in eurocent including 19% VAT. All calls have a start tariff. Please check with the specific service for the relevant tariff. Should you want to compare our rates with competitor, we recommend

To make cheap International calls follow these 3 easy steps:
  • Choose the destination that you wish to call.
  • Call the appropriate access number.
  • After the rate announcement just dial. including 00 and the country access code. For example: 004412345678.