BelBazaar vCards

ideal How does the vCard work?
The vCard is for people who want call cheaper everywhere and anywhere in the Netherlands. This prepaid calling card can be used from any phone on any network in the Netherlands. Both for national and international calls.

vCard Relax


The vCardRelax: works as easy as the vCardEasy but payments can be easily done via iDeal, from this website, or via the Top Up number 0900-6008888.
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vCard Free

vCard Free

The vCard Free: is complimentary FREE voucher for testing the quality of our service. This calling card can be upgraded to the vCardEasy or vCardRelax
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vCard Easy


The vCardEasy: iis the best solution for customers who are often on the road and need to make international calls from different locations. You can recharge instantly by calling our Top Up number 0900-6008888 The calling card can be upgraded to a vCardRelax
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Plastic Calling card!

Beside the vCard we also provide our customer with plastic calling cards.

The plastic calling card is easy to distribute and fits very easy into your wallet. The instructions are printed on the card. It is very easy to use, even for those who haven’t used it before.

The calling card is the ideal solution for people who want to call to foreign countries without the high rates.

You can order the cards as of now. The amounts of cards should be at least 20 pieces of € 10. Click here if you want to order now.

Click here if you want to order now.